President's message

On behalf of ISME I am delighted to invite you to attend the 36th ISME World Conference in Helsinki in 2024.

I appreciate and thank you for the positive feedback so many provided for the online conference, but, as many also said, one of the great values of the world conference is being with other music educators and the human interaction, finding new research partners, catching up with old friends, and making new ones. It is heart-warming that in 2024 we can return to that.

I must also thank University of the Arts Helsinki (UniArts) for continuing to support us after the disappointment of the cancellation in 2020. We, and they, felt the importance of returning to Helsinki not just for healing and closure, but also because this is the perfect time to be in the Nordic Region. UniArts has much that we can learn from. Finland and the Nordic countries are at the forefront in providing leadership in education and the arts. They also lead the way in ecological sustainability. Both are critical issues for us and for the world. Finland is also a strong community, where people look out for each other and care about the common good. That is so important for our own self-care and I hope you will enjoy experiencing that.

I commend this world conference to you and look forward to greeting you there.

Bo Wah Leung

ISME President 2022-2024

Bo Wah Leung, ISME President 2022-2024